Location of the villa

The villa, built in secure complex of Pine Valley, is ideally situated for those who love the quiet, but also for those who prefer the bustle of visits to tourist attractions and beaches.

Indeed, Pine Valley was built in Sogucak, a nice village just outside Kusadasi. Vacationers are thus protected from the noise and the crowd specific to holiday resorts. However, the villa is just a few kilometers from Kusadasi, beaches and tourist spots. It offers an excellent compromise between the adventurers and leisure travelers seeking tranquility.

GPS location

Latitude: 37.7757267235   |   Longitude: 27.2993677854


The table below summarizes the distances between the villa and the main destinations for travelers:


Kusadasi center 8,5 km
Beaches 3 km
Izmir airport 80 km
Bodrum Airport 130 km
National Park 30 km
Ephesus 20 km
Adaland aquapark 7 km
Selçuk 20 km
Pamukkale 120 km
Side view from the pool

It is easy to reach Kusadasi by plane. The nearest airport is Izmir, situated 1 hour away, while that of Bodrum is located 1 hour and a half away. Many airlines fly to both airports daily.
On arrival, you can opt for the taxi, a rental car or shuttle service.
In any case, it is advisable to book in advance.


Unless you opt for a taxi or rental car, while traveling, you can always count on the dolmus, which is the cheapest and most convenient means of transportation.

Dolmus (pronounced "dolmouche") means "filled" in Turkish.
The dolmus minivans are performing a predetermined path, in both rural and city areas.
Some only start when full (hence the name), but most leave as soon as the driver believes that the number of persons on board is sufficient.
Empty seats fill up quickly throughout the trip: to take a dolmus just stand on the edge of the road waving to the driver as he passes. The destination is usually indicated on a sign behind the windshield.
Also to go down, you can ask to be dropped off at any time.
The dolmus is the most convenient and cheapest way to travel in Turkey
The rates are fixed, sometimes displayed inside.

It is rare for foreigners to do ripped on the price of the journey. On the one hand the Turks are mostly honest, on the other hand the driver has other things to do than waste time to manage litigation.

Slower than the bus because they stop more often, the dolmus, however, is essential as they serve the most remote villages.
There is really no time passing, the dolmus travel the cities and villages day and night.