Why choose to go to Kusadasi?

Because Kusadasi itself meets a multitude of different activities: who loves the remains will enjoy a visit to the many archaeological sites around the city, the one who loves sports will love hiking in the wilderness or water sports, the one who wants to have fun will enjoy the numerous parties until the end of the night ... And if you are looking for tranquility and rest with family or friends, you'll find your happiness in a Mediterranean climate bathed in sunshine 300 days a year.

Pigeon Island

Kusadasi means "Bird Island", named after the small island at the end of the harbour where beautiful cruise ships dock. The Ottomans changed its name to "Güvercin Ada" (Pigeon Island) and used this strategic island for military purposes, as the Byzantines, who had already built a fortress in order to better defend against pirates. Currently, Pigeon Island, connected to the mainland by a dike (10 minutes walk from the harbour), is the perfect place for a panoramic view of Kusadasi while having a refreshing drink in the bars of its gardens.

Pigeon Island

Kusadasi has become a sophisticated, very well equipped and popular resort. It is an ideal starting point to the highlights of tourism in the region: Ephesus, Miletus, Priene, Didyma, Aphrodisias, Pamukkale ... Ferries link Kusadasi to the Greek island of Samos which we can easily see the coast from Kalamaki in the Dilek National Park located 28 km south of Kusadasi.

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Kusadasi beaches

Kusadasi has some 42km of sunny and sandy beaches. Long Beach, Silver Sands Beach, Love Beach welcomes you each for a perfect relaxing day. Also include the beach dedicated to ladies called "Ladies Beach", located very near the center, which allowed women to swim out of sight of men before the expansion of tourism in the city.

The turquoise sea allows the practice of many activities and water sports such as jet skiing, scuba diving, fishing, etc. ...

Kusadasi has many beaches that span 42 km

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Shopping and restaurants

Small pedestrian streets are full of small shops offering a wide selection of typical items, including leather in various forms: bags, jackets, belts ...
7 km away from Kusadasi, on the road to Ephesus, is Arvalya, a production center of leather.
In Kusadasi you will also find lots of clothing stores, jewelry and souvenirs to offer or make you happy ...

Kusadasi shops

After a good session of shopping, treat yourself to the delicious Turkish cuisine you will find in the many restaurants in Kusadasi.
For the more cautious, know that many restaurants also serve European cuisine.
So everyone can eat according to his desires.

Indulge in the delicious Turkish cuisine in one of the many restaurants

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Kusadasi nightlife

You like to party, meet nice people, have fun dancing and enjoy a wonderful Turkish dance? Kusadasi city center meets its many bars, nightclubs and cabarets offering many shows typical.

The nights are lively, the party is in full swing until the early morning in Kusadasi!

Nightlife is lively in Kusadasi!

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Water parks

For fans of fun water games, Kusadasi has three amazing water parks in its vicinity : Adaland with its dolphinarium where you can swim with dolphins and its superb Seapark teeming with fish more original than others, Aqua Fantasy and Aqualand.

The water park Adaland, one of three water parks on the outskirts of Kusadasi

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With its many terraces, the Marina is an ideal place to relax while admiring the magnificent sunset.
The port is a stopover for cruise ships from around the world. From there, various excursions are available: you can, among other things, visit the Greek island of Samos.

Kusadasi, stopping and starting point for many cruises

Part of the port of Kusadasi, as seen from one of the many restaurants facing the Aegean Sea

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Facing the port, the caravanserai was built by the Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Öküz in 1618 and converted into a hotel. It was originally built in stone with a rectangular plan on two floors, surrounded by a garden.
The loopholes in the walls were used to defend the city against attacks by pirates.

Built in 1618, the caravanserai is now a hotel

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Dilek Peninsula National Park

The National Park is located 30km south of Kusadasi. This is a protected natural park with beaches bordered by trees and inhabited by wild animals such as cheetahs and Anatolian horses.
This is the perfect place for hikers and nature lovers. If your feel like it, picnic areas welcome you for an unforgettable moment relaxation.

Dilek Peninsula National Park is the perfect place for hikers and nature lovers

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The old village of Doganbey

At the edge of the National Park, lies the ancient village of Doganbey.

The village is like an outdoor museum and displays the finest examples of Turkish and Greek architecture, bearing the traces of past civilizations.
The information center for visitors is located in a historic building, near a chapel and a church.
The village, formerly known as Domatia, was a Greek village.
In 1923, during the exchange of people, it became a Turkish village. Some buildings have been restored in 2001.

The ancient village of Doganbey displays the finest examples of Turkish and Greek architecture

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The city of Ephesus is located 20km from Kusadasi. Built as one of the greatest cities of Antiquity, it is now a vast archaeological site with beautiful remains of several civilizations including the Isa Bey Mosque, the Basilica of St. John, the cave of the Seven Sleepers, the Artemision , the Theatre, the house of Virgin Mary (Meryemana evi), the citadel of Selçuk ...

The archaeological site of Ephesus

Isa Bey Mosque

The house of Virgin Mary

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Selçuk citadel

Selçuk, located 15 minutes from Kusadasi, is a city built around Mount Ayasoluk.
Very close to Ephesus, it is surrounded by beautiful hills planted with olive trees. There are plenty of monuments to visit. The archaeological museum is full of fabulous remains found in Ephesus.

Selçuk citadel is surrounded by hills planted with olive trees and has plenty of monuments to visit

The market of Selçuk is one of the most enjoyable in this part of Turkey.
Il est peu fréquentée par les touristes, mais très populaire chez les Turcs qui s'approvisionnent auprès de producteurs régionaux. Fruits, vegetables and spices diffuse a sweet scent in the air.

The market of Selçuk

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30km from Kusadasi, nestled in the hills 8km above Selçuk, is this charming and picturesque village, formerly Greek, known for its small bars that serve wine produced by local farmers.

A pleasant stroll through the streets of Sirince to discover the village and its old church, and have a panoramic view of vineyards, orchards with peach, olive groves.

The charming and picturesque village of Sirince

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The village of Kirazli, located about ten kilometers from Kusadasi, literally translates as "Cherry village".

Kirazli is worth a visit and will convince you that peace and serenity still exist.
This picturesque village that can be reached by dolmus or car takes you into another world.
Kirazli is a beautiful village promenade teeming with small restaurants that serve local organic dishes that you will enjoy without a doubt.

Kirazli, the 'Cherry village' is a picturesque village best known for its cherries and its organic farming

Kirazli is best known for its organic farming.
Its cherry festival in June attracts many people. It then shows Turkish traditional dances, presents old trades and fruits are sold everywhere.

Kirazli, a typical village that will take you into another world

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Pamukkale, or "cotton castle", is an extraordinary geological curiosity, made entirely by the warm waters flowing from the bowels of the mountain.
The site has 17 sources. Some of them have a temperature over 45 degrees Celsius (113 ° F), and are saturated with mineral salts and carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide, releasing to air, precipitated calcium carbonate in the water, which is deposited, in paste form, on the slopes of the hill and then hardens on evaporation of the water. Each liter of water supplies half a gram of calcium carbonate.

This natural phenomenon leaves white layers on the stone, giving the mountain the appearance of a fortress of cotton or a frozen waterfall.

In the past, hotels have settled in Pamukkale, disfiguring the site.
They are now demolished, but their ruins coexist with those of the oldest ancient site of Hierapolis, necropolis with hundreds of graves.

Pamukkale, extraordinary geological curiosity, is definitely worth a visit

There are many more things to see and do in and around Kusadasi. And even more if you decide to venture a little further.
Our villa is ideal to discover Kusadasi and its surroundings.
It can also be your stopover in your exploration of beautiful Turkey, a country with many facets.
In any case, Turkey will delight you and one trip will not be enough.

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